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Web Development - How We Work

Our goal in developing your web site is to create and implement a design that effectively meets your business needs. In order to understand those needs, and to provide you with a meaningful proposal, we typically arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements. There is no fee or obligation for this consultation.

The initial meeting typically lasts one to two hours. Our goal for this meeeting is to acquire an overall sense of your site's requirements: The size and organization of the site, the extent to which graphics will be used, how the graphics will be developed, what documents and forms may be required, and whether any special web development services will be required.

Based on this initial consultation, CSA will create a proposal outlining the overall scope of the site. The proposal will describe the services that CSA will provide and include a fixed price quote for those services. The proposal is usually presented and reviewed at a second meeting. Sometimes the proposal goes through a series of revisions before its final acceptance.

Once you have accepted the proposal, CSA will begin work on the "look and feel" of your site. This includes the general graphics, color scheme and style that will be used throughout the site. It also includes the creation of a storyboard identifying the pages that will comprise the site, and an overview of how the site will be navigated.

The definition and fine-tuning of the site design is an interactive process between you and CSA. We will use your input and feedback, and draw from existing company materials, to develop ideas and designs for your site. During this process, several designs may be created, considered, and abandoned. The final "look and feel" is approved by you, and is considered complete when you say you are satisfied with the design.

Once the site design is established and the home page is created, we begin work on the site's other pages. The general "look and feel" is applied to each page. Each page is then evaluated as to its individial requirements for style, graphics, and text. The graphic images and text are acquired and loaded onto the site, and design considerations for links, tables, frame pages, etc., are adressed at that time.

If the site requires the use of forms, we will identify the data that is to be requested and define how the requested data is to be processed. Depending on the nature of the forms, scripts may be written and databases developed in order to manage and support the function of the forms.

Throughout this process CSA will solicit your input and feedback, and keep you updated as to the progress of your site's development. To help in this process, we often load sites that are in development onto a private area of our web site, so that you may review our progress online. All aspects of the final site design are subject to your approval, and are considered complete when you say you are satisfied with the design.

An integral step in the web development process is the final testing of the site. During final testing we verify that all of the page links within the site work properly and that all forms and automated processes function properly. We also test your web site through a variety of browsers to insure that your site will look good and behave well under each browser.

When your web site is complete, CSA will publish the site with your web hosting company. Once the site is published, it will be accessible to anyone who knows the address of your site. To give your web site more visibility, we will also register your site with various search engines and directories, using the key words and phrases that you specify.

After the site has been published, CSA will still be available to you to make changes and enhancements to your site.

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