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CSA's Payroll Software is an advanced accounting package that is designed to calculate a corporate payroll and produce administrative, financial, and tax reports related to the payroll process. CSA Payroll Software supports numerous types of earnings and deductions, different pay and deduction cycles, and handles special deduction types such as 401K Plans and tax deductible medical insurance contributions. CSA quickly and easily produces paychecks, and also performs the detailed record keeping that is necessary for a Payroll Department.


  • Maintains information regarding each employee.
  • Each employee can be assigned a Security Code. Access to the employee's data is restricted to only those users that have been assigned the Security Code.
  • Stores the employee's pay rate, department, employee classifications, tax informations, deductions, sick time, vacation time and payroll statistics.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all additions, changes and deletions to the Employee Master File.
  • Allows detailed notes to be stored regarding contacts with each employee. Each note may be placed within a user-specified folder.
  • Prints the Alphabetical Employee List.
  • Prints the Employee Contact Notes report, listing the details of prior contacts with the employee.
  • Prints employee mailing labels.
  • Prints employee time card labels.
  • Prints the Employee Master File List.
  • Provides an inquiry into employees by name.
  • Tracks the total number of vacation hours due and paid to an employee.
  • Tracks the total number of sick hours due and paid to an employee.


  • Supports the following earning types:
    • Direct pay
    • Indirect pay
    • Overtime pay
    • Sick pay
    • Vacation pay
    • Special pay
    • Holiday pay
    • Supplemental pay
    • Up to 5 user defined pay types per department.
  • Supports temporary (one time only) earnings.


  • Supports the following deduction types:
    • FICA/Medicare
    • FWT
    • State withholding
    • State Disability
    • City withholding
    • Life insurance
    • Union
    • Savings Bond
    • Pension (401K Plans
    • Medical (tax deductible)
    • Credit Union
    • Bank (either fixed amount or net pay)
    • United Way
    • Garnishments
    • Stock
    • Up to 10 miscellaneous deductions per department
  • Garnishment and miscellaneous deductions may be taken up to a pre-specified limit
  • Allows up to 6 permanent miscellaneous deductions per employee.
  • Supports temporary (one time only) deductions.
  • Calculates and accrues expenses for the following employer side tax contributions:
    • FICA/Medicare
    • Federal Unemployment
    • State unemployment
    • State Disability
  • Supports the Non-Resident Alien tax adjustment.


  • Supports weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay cycles.
  • Calculates the payroll and produces computer checks.
  • Provides separate options for automatically printing company information, bank information, MICR coding and authorized signature on the check.
  • Prints a Payroll Register and Payroll Deductions Register.
  • Prints a Check Register.
  • Provides for the entry of manual and void checks.
  • Provides a Check Reconciliation Routine, allowing checks to be reconciled by check number or range of check numbers.
  • Prints a Check Reconciliation Report.


CSA Payroll produces the following reports:

  • Payroll Employee History Report
  • Payroll Employee Earnings Report
  • Overtime/Sick Pay Report
  • Job Class/Equal Opportunity Report
  • Taxable Wages Report
  • City Withholding Tax Report
  • Workman's Compensation Report
  • Employee Status Summary
  • Employee Manpower Report
  • Stock Deductions Report


  • Allows general ledger accounts to be defined by department for each earning and deductions type.
  • Tracks all general ledger distributions resulting from Payroll processing, including cash distributions and employer side tax contributions.
  • Prints the Payroll General Ledger Distribution Report in detail or summary form.


  • Produces W2 Forms.
  • Allows W2 information to be adjusted prior to printing.
  • Produces W3 Transmittal Information.
  • Produces 941 Forms.
  • Produces 1099 Forms for non-employee compensation processed through Payroll.


  • Allows maintenance of the federal tax tables and EIC tables.
  • Allows maintenance of state tax tables.
  • Allows maintenance of local tax tables.
  • Allows maintenance of FICA, FUTA, SUTA and SDI rates and limits.


  • Protects against posting incorrect dates by allowing the user to indicate which periods are open for Payroll purposes.
  • Allows previewing of reports prior to printing.
  • Provides online look-ups on validated fields.
  • Restricts user access through the use of CSA's Application Security package.


  • CSA Payroll interfaces with CSA General Ledger and CSA Labor Performance.


  • CSA's software operates on the following Window's platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003.

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