Accounts Receivable Software

CSA's Accounts Receivable Software is an advanced accounting package that goes far beyond the simple task of tracking open receivable. With CSA, you can also track customer contacts, generate invoices, track and control commissions payments, determine general ledger distributions, produce tax reports, and analyze sales. CSA Accounts Receivable brings the entire accounting function together under one simple, easy to use package.


  • Maintains information regarding customer accounts.
  • Provides the option to automatically assign account numbers based on customer name.
  • Allows each account to be assigned either a balance forward or open item accounting method.
  • Maintains multiple site/ship-to addresses for each customer.
  • Allows a list of contact names and related information to be maintained for each customer and customer site.
  • Allows for the entry and tracking of notes relating to each contact with a customer. Notes may optionally be associated with specific financial documents.
  • Provides the ability to pop-up a map (via Microsoft MapPoint) showing where the customer is located.
  • Prints a Contact Activity History Report, listing the detail of all customer contacts within a user specified time period.
  • Prints mailing labels and performs mail merges using customer and contact data..
  • Prints Abbreviated Customer Lists by salesrep and customer name.
  • Prints the New Customers By Territory Report.
  • Prints the New Customers By Salesrep & Customer Type report.
  • Provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables third party applications to access the CSA routines which update data in the Customer, Customer Site and Customer Contact Name files.


  • Provides a routine that allows for the entry and creation of general invoices.
  • Allows for the entry of shipping/site information for the invoice.
  • Accepts a Tax Code, identifying the taxing authority for the invoice.
  • Allows two discount percentages and three sales reps (with associated commission percentages) to be defined for the invoice.
  • Requests purchase order information, and up to two lines of reference information for each invoice.
  • Allows entry of a check number on prepaid invoices, for future automatic application of unapplied cash.
  • Allows each invoice to have up to 999 line items.
  • Line items may have up to 999 lines of free form description.
  • Line items may be entered as either a flat rate, or with a quantity and unit price.
  • Each line item may be flagged as to whether it is subject to discount and/or commission.
  • A Tax Class is identified for each line item.
  • Allows for the automatic calculation of Sales Tax based on the invoice Tax Code and the Tax Classes of the line item.
  • Prints invoices on either preprinted forms, or using a graphic overlay.
  • Automatically loads invoice information into the Sales Transaction file for further posting and processing.


  • Automatically interfaces sales and credit information from CSA's Customer Order Processing, Outdoor Advertising and Vehicle Escort systems.
  • Allows manual entry of Sales, Credits, and Debits.
  • Allows "on the fly" maintenance of customer information.
  • Allows sales for each invoice to be distributed to an unlimited number of general ledger accounts.
  • Tracks purchase order number and other reference information.
  • Tracks the Job Number to which a Sales transaction relates, and interfaces sales information to Job Costing.
  • Automatically allocates unapplied cash to prepaid invoices during sales posting, based on the prepaid check number identified with each prepaid invoice.
  • Optionally allows invoices to use a date other than the invoice date for aging purposes.
  • Prints a Sales Journal.


  • Allows for the processing of both receivables and non-receivables cash.
  • Allows for the application of cash by either entering the numbers of the invoices to be paid, or by viewing the open invoices on the account and selecting which invoices are to be paid.
  • Allows discounts and write-offs to an account to be made as cash is processed.
  • Provides a warning if a discount is being granted after the terms discount date of the invoice.
  • Allows "on the fly" maintenance of customer information.
  • Optionally allows for the management of tracking of bank deposits.
  • Supports Deposit Dates that differ from the Cash Received Dates with appropriate charges to Cash In Transit accounts.
  • Prints a Deposit Listing.
  • Prints a Cash Journal.
  • Allows unapplied cash to be processed and then later applied to specific invoices.


  • Provides the ability to calculate and post finance charges for past due customers that are flagged to receive finance charges.
  • Provides a means of reinstating paid transactions that have been purged from the Accounts Receivable file.
  • Provides a means of reassigning payments and credit memos from on invoice to another.
  • Provides the ability to change the Payment Terms of an invoice after the invoice has been processed.


  • Prints the AR Aging Report in detail or summary format, by customer or salesrep.
  • Provides options to include secondary reference information, and customer contact notes on detailed aging reports.
  • Prints an AR History Report of data purged from the system.
  • Prints customer statements in either an Open Item, Balance Forward or Balance Forward - Outdoor Advertising format.
  • Prints an Account Summary Report listing invoice activity for a customer. When interfaced to Outdoor Advertising, the report also includes information regarding the locations that were invoiced.
  • Prints customer Dunning Letters.
  • Provides options on the AR Aging Reports and Customer Statements that allow for selective printing based on account balance and age of account.
  • Provides a detailed account inquiry that allows open and historical customer account information to be retrieved by customer number, name, or document (check or invoice) number.
  • Allows invoices to be reprinted from the Customer Account Inquiry.


  • Allows commissions on a single invoice to be split between as many as three sales reps.
  • Provides the option of reporting commissions due based on when the sale takes place or when the customer makes payment.
  • Provides an option to refuse commissions payments on invoices that are paid more than a user-specified number of days late.
  • Maintains a salesrep file with default commission percentages, commission rate exceptions (based on Customer Type and Order Method), sales budgets and cash budgets.
  • Provides a Commissions Maintenance Routine that allows commission adjustments to be made after a sale has taken place.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all commission changes made via the Commissions Maintenance Routine.
  • Prints the Commissions Due Report showing sales and commissions due for the sales period.
  • Prints a Sales Budget Commission Report, for calculating and reporting commissions based on sales rep's performance in relation to his sales budget.
  • When commissions are released based on customer payment, then the Salesman Commission Statement shows the status of all commissions that are due or pending for each sales rep.


  • Tracks and records general ledger distributions.
  • Provides Sales and Cash Distribution summaries during sales and cash posting.
  • Prints the AR Distribution Report, providing a detail or summary listing of all general ledger postings for the period.


  • Allows the user to specify the taxing authority for each sale.
  • Allows the user to specify, by taxing authority, whether the sales tax is due when the sale takes place or when the cash is received.
  • Allows the user to identify the standard tax rate for a Taxing Authority, plus alternate tax rates bacsed on Tax Class.
  • Prints the Sales Tax Analysis Report for a period by Taxing Authority, showing the period sales and sales tax due.
  • Prints the following Sales Analysis Reports.
    • Sales Analysis By Customer
    • Sales Analysis By Customer Type
    • Sales Analysis By Salesrep
    • Sales Analysis By Territory
    • Sales Analysis By Sectional Center
    • Sales Analysis By Chain
  • Prints the Budgeted Sales Analysis By Territory & Salesrep Report, listing total monthly budgeted and actual sales for each Salesrep within a Territory, for a user specified period of time


  • Protects against posting incorrect dates by allowing the user to indicate which periods are open for Accounts Receivable purposes.
  • Provides selective reporting by Profit Center.
  • Allows previewing of reports prior to printing.
  • Provides online lookups for validated fields.
  • Restricts user access through the use of CSA's Application Security package.


CSA Accounts Receivable is interfaced to the following CSA modules: Customer Order Processing, Outdoor Advertising, Vehicle Escort and General Ledger.


  • Viewing a map requires Microsoft MapPoint.
  • Use of the CSA API functions (for third party software development using CSA's API routines) requires licensing additional client/server software.


  • CSA's software operates on the following Windows platform: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003.

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