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CSA's Accounts Payable software is a comprehensive system that computerizes all aspects of the control and management of an Accounts Payable Department. CSA processes vouchers, records general ledger distributions, produces checks, prints 1099 Forms and produces reports to aid in the financial management of your organization. When interfaced with other modules, CSA becomes even more powerful, performing such tasks as matching invoices to purchase orders, accruing costs to jobs and calculating inventory costs and variances.

CSA handles the difficult task of maintaining accounting period integrity; allowing you to keep several accounting periods open at one time, and providing you with the ability to produce accurate aging and distribution reports for prior periods, regardless of the activity that has occurred since that time.


  • Maintains information regarding vendor accounts.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all additions, changes and deletions to the Vendor Master File.
  • Supports separate purchase and remit to addresses.
  • Stores vendor defaults for vouchering and purchasing.
  • Stores 1099 reference information.
  • Maintains multiple site addresses for each vendor.
  • Allows a list of contact names and related information to be maintained for each vendor and vendor site.
  • Allows for the entry and tracking of notes relating to each contact with a vendor.
  • Prints a Contact Activity History Report, listing the detail of all customer contacts within a user specified time period.
  • Prints mailing labels and performs mail merges using vendor information.
  • Prints the Vendor Master File List and Alphabetical Vendor List.


  • Allows vendor invoices to be entered and processed through the Accounts Payable system.
  • Optionally determines payment due dates based on vendor information.
  • Optionally defaults the expense distribution to a pre-defined account for the vendor.
  • Allows vouchers to be booked into accounting periods different than that of the invoice date.
  • Allows voucher expense distributions to be amortized over a user specified number of periods.
  • Allows each expense line to be flagged as to whether it will be amortized.
  • Provides a fast entry mechanism for voiding checks, with an option to reinstate individual vouchers on the check. Vouchers may be reinstated under a different vendor.
  • Provides a fast entry mechanism for reversing unpaid vouchers and, optionally, reinstating the voucher. Vouchers may be reinstated under a different vendor.
  • Allows vouchers to be flagged as "on hold", and stores information regarding who placed the voucher on hold and why.
  • Allows recurring vouchers to be stored and processed.
  • Allows "on the fly" maintenance of Vendor information.
  • Provides the ability to generate "on demand" checks during Voucher Entry.
  • Prints the Voucher Register.
  • When interfaced to CSA Outdoor Advertising, expenses may be charged to locations and leases for accurate Lease Profitability Reporting.
  • When interfaced to CSA Purchasing and Receiving, invoices are matched to purchase orders and verified for receipt of goods and correct pricing.
  • When interfaced to CSA Job Costing, expenses may be charged to jobs for accrual within the Job Costing System.
  • When interfaced to CSA Standard Product Costing, purchase price variances are automatically calculated for standard cost items.
  • When interfaced to CSA Inventory Management and Purchasing and Receiving, average costs are adjusted to actual invoice amounts.


  • Provides an "On Demand" check processing routine for the fast generation of individual checks.
  • Provides an Automatic check processing routine for the generation of multiple checks in a batch.
  • Vouchers may be selected for payment automatically based on due dates.
  • Allows for the manual selection or deferral of vouchers from payment.
  • Supports the processing of partial payments.
  • Special "on hold" processing prevents the payment of any voucher that is "on hold", regardless of the voucher's due date and payment selection status.
  • Automatically produces computer checks.
  • Provides separate options for automatically printing company information, bank information, MICR coding and authorized signature on the check.
  • Allows pre-paid (collect) checks to be processed through the system.
  • Allows for the manual payment of invoices that have already been vouchered.
  • Prints a Check Register.
  • Provides a Check Reconciliation Routine that allows you to reconcile checks individually or by check number range.
  • Prints a Check Reconciliation Report.


  • Prints the AP Aging Report in detail or summary form, in either vendor number or vendor type sequence.
  • Provides an on-line inquiry into the status of a vendor's account, including information regarding paid vouchers. The vendor account may be retrieved by either number or name.
  • Provides the ability to view the expense detail and/or payment history of a voucher through the Vendor Account Inquiry.
  • Provides a Vendor Account Status print-out listing information regarding a vendor's account, including paid vouchers.


  • Tracks all general ledger distributions resulting from Accounts Payable processing, including liability, cash and discount accounts.
  • Supports multiple liability, cash, and discount accounts.
  • Maintains complete accounting period integrity with the AP Aging Report.
  • Prints the AP General Ledger Distribution Report in account number or vendor number sequence.
  • Print the Expense Distribution Report by cost center and account number.


  • Prints two Cash Requirements Reports.
  • Prints three Vendor Analysis Reports.
  • Prints the Vouchers On Hold Report, listing all vouchers that are currently "on hold".
  • Prints 1099 Forms.


  • Protects against posting incorrect dates by allowing the user to indicate which periods are open for Accounts Payable purposes.
  • Provides selective reporting by Profit Center.
  • Allows previewing of reports prior to printing.
  • Provides online look-ups on validated fields.
  • Restricts user access through the use of CSA's Application Security package.


CSA Accounts Payable interfaces with the following other CSA modules: General Ledger, Outdoor Advertising, Purchasing, Job Costing, Standard Product Costing, Inventory Management and Vehicle Escort.


  • CSA's software operates on the following platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003.

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